Monthly Archives: March 2010

Holly White magazine

For those happily ignorant of East London warehouse-based photocopier-driven crypto-anarchic little “Little Magazines”: Holly White is a monthly nightmare of incomparable wonder, coagulated by CLR manchmal Matthew Drage. Collage, photography and poetry cavort on its pages like tomorrow’s Tories. In the manner of all such things it arrives late, just on time. Highly recommended—here’s the [...]

CLR @ Wordfest

Lydia Wilson, co-editor of CLR, will be talking about literary journals at Cambridge Wordfest in April. The event is a breakfast-roundtable, and Lydia will be joined by Mary Kay Wilmers (LRB), Ella Allfrey (Granta) and Peter Stothard (TLS). The event will be chaired by the classicist and TLS-regular Mary Beard.
In the context of Wordfest—more festival [...]