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A national run on paper has resulted in a further postponement of CLR3. It now plans on making its debut circa June 11th. More details as we get them.


Last on your dial but first in your mind—CLR #3 is translation, is out late May, is:
Poetry / Joel Calahan [4 Genovese poets], Reitha Pattison [Bertran de Born], Jacqueline Kari [Henri Deluy], Peter Manson [Mallarmé], Ian Heames [Baudelaire, Villon] Charles Lambert [Genet], Nicholas Moore [Nicaragua], Rod Mengham [Andrzej Sosnowski], Grzegorz Wróblewski [tr. by Agnieszka Pokojska], [...]

On message

CLR likes nothing better than to be timely. Modish, if you like, faddish if you don’t. Either way, because the effect of listening to election debates is verbal and visual imprisonment—and because of Thursday’s inevitable return to happier times—our thoughts turn to that thorny Arcady: the politics of poetry.
Taxonomy—though inimical to certain strands in this [...]