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The well-rolled cigarette

Via Ron Silliman’s poetry-feed.

Two more pdfs

These are really extraordinary pieces. Kurt Schwitters’ ‘The Onion (Merzpoem 8)’, of which a neat account was given by Peter Stothard on his TLS blog:
Nothing goes well for the teller of this story until after a skull-splitting – and a short excursus on the ‘Table of contents’ of a book for women, How to Hook [...]


More material is now available to download from issues 2 and 3. Everything that can be downloaded, can be downloaded from here. The new pieces are:
Francesca Lisette, ‘Honied Taper’
Alexander Nemser, ‘Psalms’
Ray Crump, ‘The Tinder Box – Sparks of Poetry’
George Reynolds, ‘Pound’s Letters: Towards a Poetics Including the ‘EZpistolary’
Issue 3 editorial and Letters, from Peter Riley [...]