Monthly Archives: January 2011


The Cambridge Reading Series, launched last February, has been consistently excellent. The format is: 2 poets; English Faculty drama studio; digressive, odd, engaged introductions; 7.30 on Fridays. Best of all for anyone who’s missed out on Rodefer, Lisette, Manson, Toal, Mobarak, Joyce, Olsen, Kruk, Rider, Lindsay, Jarvis, Bonney, Crangle, Thornton, Warriner, James, Leonard, and Sutherland, [...]


We’ve just added a new page listing the shops that have been kind enough to stock the CLR. Sadly Galloway & Porter and Border’s are both now deceased, but the lineup is really satisfying; these are all great bookshops, worth devoting many hours browsing to. We’re currently looking for other shops germane to our content, [...]