Monthly Archives: March 2011

Great Thinkers (m)

The Southbank Centre has just launched a website brilliantly parodying the thinly veiled sexism of chattering class culture:
Men 6, Women nil.*
In a spirit of fairness alas denied to any Great Thinking women who may happen to, you know, exist, we would like to point out that women are definitely allowed to attend the sessions, to [...]

Quart, cut

Some of CLR4 is now uponline, e.g.:
Jean Day’s ‘Undersong’, which opens the volume;
Emily Critchley’s introduction to Part I of her selection of North American women writers from the Greenwich Cross-Genre Festival (July 2010);
John Wilkinson’s magnificent ode for Charles Lambert, ‘The Enigma of the Hour’;
Raymond Geuss’ response that is more than a response, ‘Hannah, Paul, Rosa, [...]