Monthly Archives: April 2011

Anne Blonstein

Sad news indeed. Via Ron Silliman’s blog I learned just now that Anne Blonstein has died of cancer.
This is one of the unforeseen consequences of editing—corresponding with and reading the work of an author only to learn at odd moments and through circuitous routes of their passing. I can only list a few pleasant letters [...]


Excellent lineup once again from the Cambridge Reading Series. 7pm in the English Faculty, 6 May 2011.

Death of a Printer

A sad day for anyone who’s noticed that the CLR is rather neatly put together: Thanet Press, who undertook said putting together, has gone belly up. Credit crunched in Margate. Not only the end of our affair, but also the end of one of the great publishers—Thanet is a decendent of Eyre and Spottiswoode, Ltd., [...]