Death of a Printer

A sad day for anyone who’s noticed that the CLR is rather neatly put together: Thanet Press, who undertook said putting together, has gone belly up. Credit crunched in Margate. Not only the end of our affair, but also the end of one of the great publishers—Thanet is a decendent of Eyre and Spottiswoode, Ltd., founded in 1770.

The timing isn’t great. CLR5 is supposed to be on the way, and finding a printer who will print black pages with white text isn’t going to be easy. (Yes, those end-papers are inked.) Let alone all the other stuff that has to be in place for the CLR to be such a pleasing object. But we’ll try.

And, well, the timing could have been worse. At least we (editors Lydia Wilson & Boris Jardine) got to go to Margate, ostensibly to supervise the printing of the rather complex cover for issue 4, but in reality to see the extraordinary print operation that was Thanet. Unfortunately, because they printed exam papers, I could only sneak one photograph inside the place. But it was fun—fire breathing print machines in a labyrinth of knocked-through factory buildings, stuck somewhere in the tertiary Morse era, with great stacks of CLR parts ready for assembly. Eternal thanks to everyone involved, especially Chris Law, CLR midwife extraordinaire:

Aluminium plates for the cover of CLR4