Monthly Archives: August 2011

Back issues for a fiver

Back issues (Nos 1–4) are now £5 each (or €7 EU or $12 US and RoW), P&P included. Fill your boots!

Sean Bonney, Letter on Silence

“Larry Neal once described riots as the process of grabbing hold of, taking control of, our collective history. Earlier this week, I started thinking that our version of that, our history, had been taken captive and was being held right in the centre of the city as a force of negative [...]

Copp on Jean Day

Just uploaded, Corina Copp’s eloquent affectionate introduction to the work of Jean Day.
“Day is not the only working poet to know better than to mistake art for labor, but to labor anyhow in her art and cite her reading. Yet nonetheless, this sourcing is where the joy is, in such a state of irreparability. It [...]