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Congratulations, Helen!

CLR author, artist, poet, photographer, essayist Helen Macdonald has won the Costa Book award, with her extraordinary H is for Hawk. Not only is the CLR super chuffed for her, but is also super proud at being the very first publishers (blogosphere notwithstanding) of material featuring Mabel – including Helen’s own drawing of the goshawk for issue #1 and a close-up photograph for issue #2 – not to be found in H is for Hawk, folks – buy them here! And it’s not only about the Goshawk: Helen opens our very first issue with her poem ‘Partridges’ (which the TLS called “the feather in our caps”) and has a fine essay in issue #5, ‘Covert naturalists: ethologists hunting objectivity in the field.’ Fans of H should explore our back catalogue for more: more of Mabel and more of Helen.


Thank you, Chris Law and the rest at Geerings Press, I don’t know how you do it: every time immaculate.

It’s been a while, but the issue is worth it. Our very first play (in lines of one word, no less/more, by Ish Klein). An introduction to the Critique of Pure Poetry (Drew Milne). Raymond Geuss on fear, America and Gore Vidal. A review of the collected Hope Mirrlees by ed. Rosie Šnajdr, following from Mirrlees’s ‘Paris’ in issue 6. And much, much more.

Have a look, buy and enjoy.

Halfcircle #4

I just received an email containing a lot of names:

Sofia Stevi, Peter Manson, Jennifer Cooke, Rowan Evans, Ian Heames*, John Ashbery, Ed Luker, Linus Slug, Elizabeth Willis, Anatol Knotek, Juha Virtanen, John DeWitt, Connie Scozzaro, Alice Notley, Luke McMullan, Posie Rider, Leanne Bridgewater, Simon Jarvis, Caitlin Doherty, Peter Gizzi, Sean Bonney, SJ Fowler, Sophie Seita, Adam Weg, Mike Wallace-Hadrill*, Marianne Morris, nick-e melville, Pocahontas Mildew-Hind**, Caroline Bergvall, bruno neiva, Nat Raha, David Grundy, Josh Stanley, Matthias Regan, Frances Kruk & Steve Willey

All of them good.

Halfcircle four is out and I just got one so there are only 149 left.

* I’m not sure why Ian Heames and Mike Wallace-Hadrill got a star and the others didn’t.

** I put my own stars by this one because actually it isn’t good.

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