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CLR5 @ Plurabelle

Join us at Plurabelle Books, Cambridge, on Saturday 22nd (yes, this Saturday) at 6pm for a wonderful line-up of poets: Redell Olsen, Ian Patterson and John James will all be gracing us with their poems. There will be wine and plenty of books, so come and drink, listen, browse and be merry…CLRs past and present will all be on sale at £5 so if you don’t yet have issue 5 this could be your chance…

Sign up at the facebook event here.

Find Plurabelle (sometimes a challenge) here.

See you on Saturday!

John James left his native city of Cardiff for Bristol and then Cambridge where he has lived and worked for many years. He was a founding editor of The Resuscitator in Bristol and became one of the group closely associated with The English Intelligencer in Cambridge. His work embraces everyday life, the visual arts, philosophical speculation, hommage, place, food, love, memory and loss. His Collected Poems appeared from Salt in 2002 and a new book, In Romsey Town, has just been published in the summer of 2011 by Equipage. He is currently working on a new collection for Oystercatcher Press.

Redell Olsen’s publications include; ‘Book of the  Fur’ (Rempress, 2000), ‘Secure Portable Space’ (Reality Street, 2004)  and the collaboratively edited ‘Here Are My Instructions’ (Gefn Press,  2004). Her recent projects have involved texts for performance and film and include: ‘Newe Booke of  Copies’ (2009) and ‘Bucolic Picnic (or Toile de Jouy Camouflage)’  (2009) and ‘The Lost Swimming Pool’ (June 2010). From 2006-10 she was the editor of the online journal of How2, which publishes  modernist and innovative poetry and poetics by women writers.  Her recent poetry is available in ‘Infinite Difference: Other Poetries by UK  Women Poets’ (Shearsman, 2010) and forthcoming in ‘I’ll Drown My Book: ‘Conceptual  Writing by Women” (Les Figues Press, 2012). She is a  Director of the MA in Poetic Practice  at Royal
Holloway, University of London and one of the co-organisers of the POLYply reading series.

Ian Patterson teaches English Literature at Queens’ College, Cambridge. In earlier versions he was variously a Further Education Lecturer, second-hand bookseller, translator, editor, and cake-maker. Books this century include a translation of Proust’s Finding Time Again for Penguin, Guernica and Total War (Profile, 2007), Time to Get Here: new and selected poems (Salt, 2003) and The Glass Bell (Barque Press, 2009).

Back issues for a fiver

Back issues (Nos 1–4) are now £5 each (or €7 EU or $12 US and RoW), P&P included. Fill your boots!

Sean Bonney, Letter on Silence

“Larry Neal once described riots as the process of grabbing hold of, taking control of, our collective history. Earlier this week, I started thinking that our version of that, our history, had been taken captive and was being held right in the centre of the city as a force of negative gravity keeping us out, and keeping their systems in place. Obviously I was wrong. Its not our history they’ve got stashed there – its a bullet, pure and simple, as in the actual content of the collective idea we have to live beneath.”

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